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Laughable is a technology company in the comedy business.

We have a two-pronged mission:

1. Empower consumers of comedy to discover content and comedians that most reliably make them laugh, and

2. Empower creators of comedy to grow and monetize their fan bases.

To be more succinct: we help consumers of comedy find funny, and we help creators of comedy find fans and money.

To this end, we’re building a global marketplace for comedy, running the gamut of ‘comedic output’ — from digital content, to merchandise, to live performances — and powered by mobile software, data science, and a kick-ass brand everyone knows, loves, and trusts.

Deeper Dive, Starting with What We’re Doing Today

As a first step, we built an iOS app that lets you subscribe not only to podcast series, but ALSO to individual comedians, seamlessly surfacing their appearances as a host OR guest.

The profiles we’ve created for thousands of artists — which constitute the world’s largest database of comedians — contain their podcast appearances alongside direct links to their social media pages, website, and tour dates. 

iPhone users can download Laughable for free here, and Android users can go here to sign up to be notified when we have an app ready for them.

While we focus primarily on comedy podcasts and comedians, we have also offer a massive library of non-comedy podcasts and have created profiles for an impossibly eclectic array of fascinating people like Barack Obama, Gloria Steinem, Sheryl Sandberg, and Jon Hamm. Whatever app you’re currently using to get your podcasts… you’ll like Laughable more.

We’ve also begun selling tickets to live comedy shows directly through our app; it’s the fastest, easiest way to buy tickets in existence. Our first pilot events have been several standup showcases we’ve hosted at the Comedy Cellar in New York City. Here’s the UI with which attendees engaged to secure their tickets to our October 2017 show:

Validation So Far

There’s mounting evidence we have built a truly special app. For example:

  • Apple has featured us on the App Store multiples times. Each year, Apple selects only a few hundred apps out of the 2m+ in the Store for this level of promotion. That’s less than 0.02%, or 1 in 5,000.

  • 91% of our 3,250+ App Store reviews are for 5 out of 5 stars — a better batting average than that of any other app focused on comedy or podcasts. The biggest reasons people love Laughable are that it’s simple/fun to use, and it makes it easier than ever before to discover new podcasts and comedians to love.
  • On average, Laughable users are spending 8+ hours per week listening to podcasts through the app and 35+ minutes per week directly engaging with our UI (i.e. tapping, typing, swiping, etc.).

We’ve also developed groundbreaking analytics offerings, in concert with dozens of comedians and podcasters, that can help artists create even more engaging podcasts. Artists can learn more about these offerings and how they can see them for their own content by going here.

One more thing. In keeping with our philosophy that Laughable will succeed only if comedians succeed alongside us, we have established the Laughable Artist Collective, a group of top comedians with popular podcasts who are helping drive adoption of our platform and giving us product and strategic guidance. Members include Robert Kelly, Bert Kreischer, and Greg Fitzsimmons. You can read more about the Collective here.

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– Please direct all inquiries to Ned Kenney at n@laughable.com.

Please Note

– Due to similar names, Laughable has sometimes been confused with a now-defunct company called Laughly (aka Laugh.ly or Laugh Radio). Laughable has never been affiliated with Laughly in any way.


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