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I’m a comedian not currently featured in Laughable, but I’d like a profile. Can Laughable create one for me?

If you (1) are a comedian, (2) host a podcast  (or have appeared on at least 5 podcast episodes as a guest), AND (3) have at least 2,500 Twitter followers, then yes – email Please include whatever information is relevant across the following fields:

  • Photo: square headshot (required)
  • Social media handles: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (optional)
  • Personal website URL (optional)
  • Tour dates URL (optional)
  • Podcast hosted (optional)

I’m a comedian who already has a Laughable profile. What control do I have over it?

We’re happy to revise any and all elements of your profile. Just shoot us an email at

My podcast is not currently available through Laughable. Can I add it?

Yes: please send an email to and include:

  • The URL of your podcast’s RSS feed (required).
  • The URL of your Patreon page (optional).

I’m a comedian who’s featured in Laughable. Not all the podcast episodes I have appeared in are showing up in my profile. Is there anything I can do about that?

Yes: you can send us a list of the episodes that you want included. Just email Please list the series name and title for each episode.

I’m a podcaster. Does my RSS feed get credit for a download when someone listens to my show on Laughable?


I have a podcast but some of my episodes are paywalled. How does Laughable deal with this?

We don’t make any paywalled content available to our users; we are committed to playing by the rules and only featuring content that is publicly available.


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