The Laughable Artist Graph – An Explainer

Some context around the Laughable Artist Graph, which maps the comedy and podcasting universe in a new and fascinating way. This post discusses how the Graph came together, key takeaways, and how it fits into Laughable's ambitions to become a data-driven marketplace for all things comedy. Read more

What We’ve Learned from Our Users

Feedback and engagement data from our users has enabled us to improve our offering, refine our value proposition, and tell our story. Here's how. Read more

The Unified Theory of Laughable

I interned at a hedge fund in college. Turns out I wasn't cut out for that. But what I learned there has come in handy as an entrepreneur years later. Read more

Finding Funny

We launched our iPhone app today. Here's why we're starting with podcasts and where we're headed with Laughable. Read more