Introducing Laughable for Android!

March 26, 2019

Today we’re announcing the launch of Laughable for Android (available here), built from the ground up to parallel the form & function of Laughable for iOS (available here).

With this launch, we now have a chance to expand Laughable’s reach – and the podcast & comedy horizons – of some of the ~110 million Americans and 85% of people globally who use Android.

(Next up: Laughable for Windows Phone. Just kidding. Sorry, Steve Ballmer.)

To mark the occasion, this post provides a rundown of the value we provide to podcast & comedy fans, now on a CROSS-PLATFORM basis. (Been waiting to use that term self-referentially for a LONG time…)

Then we round things out by sharing our favorite emails from Android users when we were still iOS-only.

Let’s get to it!

Part I: About Our App – er, Apps! – and What Makes Them Special

With 3,600+ reviews and a 4.9/5 star average, Laughable for iOS has the best ratings of any podcast player in the entire App Store, across dozens of offerings. People LOVE it.

Because our Android app delivers a nearly identical user experience to that of iOS, we’re confident it’s going to be similarly well-received – especially since there are fewer good podcast apps available for Android relative to iOS.

Early user feedback supports this

The perfect app to help get me through my day. Being able to follow certain artists is a game changer for a podcast addict like myself!

Best App I’ve used for podcasts. Opens up a would of tracking for your interests. Have discover new artists and podcast all because of laughable! 👍

What a great idea and great product, i love how easy this makes my podcast listening and how easy it introduces me to new things i might enjoy but would have NEVER found without it.

The best podcast app period! I have used many different podcast apps and none of them compare to Laughable. The interface is so simple and fluid, it’s effortless to navigate. The ability to subscribe to individual people so you can find out what podcast they’re on and any podcast that they have previously been on is genius.

I’ve recently left [redacted competitor app] and have been using this exclusively! Smooth as butter. Keep up the great work!

As alluded to above, the magic of Laughable is that you can subscribe to comedians and other public figures – writers & fighters, authors & actors, politicians, musicians, and more – and listen to their podcast appearances as a host OR guest. That’s not possible in any other app.

Just search for your favorites and tap through to their Laughable profiles. It’s like IMDB for podcasts!

Here are two examples: one for our youngest founding father, followed by another for one of our favorite comedians.

You can also subscribe to podcasts in Laughable, just as you would in a conventional podcast app – we’ve got thousands of series and millions of episodes across all genres on offer.

Unsure of what to subscribe to, or looking to branch out? Check out our regularly updated Discover recommendations:

Laughable does the rest of the work from there. Your Subscriptions feed becomes an inexhaustible source of content that’s some combination of hilarious, informative, and energizing.

We’re proud to have built one of the few apps that actually makes you happier and smarter the more you use it. We’ll do our best to keep it that way.

Where do we go from here? Our ambition is for Laughable to be as synonymous with comedy as ESPN is for sports by building a marketplace that helps comedians reach the largest possible audience with everything they’re creating: digital content, tickets to live shows, merchandise, and more.

You’re welcome to read this blog post, The Unified Theory of Laughable, for more on our long-term vision.

Part II: The Best Email Inquiries We Received About Android

After launching our iPhone app, it admittedly took us a bit of time to tackle Android. (Small team, big engineering challenge, wanted to get it right, blah blah blah.)

In that period, thousands of people signed up for our Android waitlist, and hundreds wrote in. Each email was a variation on the same theme: Hurry up!

We were happy to receive each and every message, but some made us smile more than others. Here are the Hall of Famers.

When are you making an android version??? I just switched to an android and without your app it sucks. What do I use, [redacted competitor app]??? Its garbage !! Please let me know.. I’ll ginnie pig a bata version if that would help

Make a fucking Android version you moronic fucks.

Please god, please. God, please god. Please make an Android app soon. Before time runs out!

Please please android. Jobs is dead and Apple won’t be too far behind. You can already see the quality of their products deteriorating. Get on board the Google train and give us the Android or even a PC version. If it’s as good as I hear, I’d pay a premium price for it. Thank you

Shut the fuck up. Your grand dad is talking.
Listen in. What’s he talking about?

Saving the best for last, our Mariano Rivera – a unanimous first-ballot selection – is the guy who sent us four emails over 11 months:

1. You guys are killing me. Android app coming soon? I want to love you. Let me love you.

2. its “laughable” that there is no android app yet. i do apologize for that. Again, im waiting to love you people. Guess what, I’m not sorry. I meant it. Laughable. But please get an Android app. Fuck those iPhone fucks right in their lightning connectors

3. please an android app. you’re missing out on 90% of the market share. Not everyone outside of your L.A. bubble uses iOS. In fact no one outside of l..a…. uses ios. get with the market share, noobs.

4. Man, there must be all kinds of cool shit on that app. As I have an Android device, and no Android app has been released for months and months and months, I can only imagine…. And dream

Mr. Rivera, we have good news: your dreams have become reality. (But for the record, we’re in the NEW YORK bubble.)

We hope you enjoy Laughable – if so, please consider getting your friends to use it, too. Just send them this link to our homepage, which has a rundown of key features and links to Laughable on both Google Play and the App Store.

Thanks for reading!

Special Thanks to Our Beta Testers 🙏

In advance of this launch, we enlisted a few hundred volunteers to beta test Laughable. They are the unsung heroes of this launch, having patiently and enthusiastically provided the feedback we needed to identify and fix issues. As a result of their efforts, we are launching with a rock-solid app. Our sincere thanks to them all.

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