Here’s the Letter I Wrote to Bert Kreischer, Ari Shaffir, and the Rest of Our Artist Collective Members Last Month

Note: Before you dive into this post, you should go read about our just-announced Artist Collective here. I’ll wait up for you, I promise.

OK, cool, welcome back!

Last month I wrote a letter to our Artist Collective members in advance of announcing their involvement with Laughable. I poured my heart and soul into it and am reproducing an abridged version below. It’s been lightly edited for clarity and certain competitively sensitive passages have been redacted.

I hope it gives you a better sense of how deeply we respect and admire comedians – and how critical their success is to Laughable’s.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

TO: The Founding Members of the Laughable Artist Collective
FROM: Ned Kenney, CEO & Co-Founder of Laughable
SUBJECT: Welcome Letter
DATE: March 9, 2017

Hello, people who are all infinitely funnier and more likeable than I am!

I’m really fucking excited to be emailing you all at once for the very first time.


Allow me to reintroduce…yourselves. Our founding Collective members are:

What a crew! We have every faith you will all play a major role ensuring Laughable achieves its full potential. We want your involvement with us to be fun and meaningful. We also want to help you reach even higher heights in your own careers.

So, what is Laughable’s ‘full potential’, anyway?

Here’s one way to answer that question.


We want to help every American find at least 3 comedians/podcasters to be intensely passionate about. See the graphic below: when someone is asked about a certain comedian, we don’t want them to respond like the sad loser on the left. Rather, we want them to respond like the happy winner on the right!

We first printed this drawing last June. We call it The Laughable Fan Development Continuum.


How does an intensely passionate, happy winner of a fan behave? They…

While comedy is already a BIG market, the overwhelming majority of Americans don’t do even one of the above with respect to ANY artist. And that doesn’t make any sense.

The problem here is not a lack of demand for comedy – everyone loves it. There’s no art form that’s more broad in its appeal.

The problem isn’t supply, either – the eleven of you, and a wide array of other talented artists, are releasing incredible content and performing live all the time.

Rather, the problem is that the comedy market is fundamentally inefficient: too often, supply fails to find demand. Laughable is helping unite these two sides of the market by using software, data science, and a kick-ass brand that people love and trust. In the process, we’re not only making the market more efficient, but also growing it.

Today, our focus is on podcasts. But we’re just getting started. We want your continued help refining and executing our strategy for expanding beyond podcasts into a full-fledged comedy MARKETPLACE, spanning multiple content types, merchandise, and live events. Our current offering is already making everyone in comedy better off, and by expanding into a broader marketplace, we will do an even better job accomplishing the following objectives:

And if we continue to help all these groups – with comedians at the top of the list – then Laughable itself will make a ton of money, make no mistake. But the key thing to note here is, Laughable only succeeds if comedians succeed alongside us.

We’ll be relying on all eleven of you to make sure that Laughable never loses sight of what artists care about and remains laser-focused on being the most effective possible allies to you.

This is going to be awesome, and all of you are awesome.